Paver Patio Installation in Washington & Idaho

Extend the comfort and convenience of your living room to the great outdoors with a paver patio installed by the professionals at Aguiar Pavers.

Why Pick Pavers?

Aguiar Pavers customers who have installed a stone paver patio know that the clean lines and attractive custom elements make this a great option for any home. Pavers come in many different color variations, shapes, and patterns to compliment your homes outdoor living space. The ability to match elements of the house to the environment makes pavers preferable to large concrete slabs which lack visible appeal and routinely crack.

Easy to clean - Paving stones can be washed off neatly with mild soap and water or diluted white vinegar. Sealant can be applied to certain paving stones to brighten colors giving a wet or matte look, protect from UV fading, and reduce weed or moss growth.

Durability - Because of the material and their many joints, pavers are stronger than concrete. Unlike poured concrete and asphalt pavers are not prone to cracking and are often covered by their manufacturers with lifetime guarantees.

Simpler To Maintain - Inclement weather, developing moisture, and the variance in temperatures from seasonal extremes can cause the ground to expand and contract. Eventually this means cracks will occur in weak spots in any material, especially slabs of concrete. Because pavers have more places that join and shift naturally with the ground, they are less likely to be affected by weather. In addition, if any cracks or settling do occur, the cost to replace or adjust one or two pavers is much less than if you need to remove and re-pour a large concrete slab.

Aguiar Pavers is locally owned and operated serving our communities since 2008. We offer free estimates and have a showroom in Maple Valley where customers can view materials in person. Call us today.